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5 inch Chimney Pot Hanging Cowl with rain cap and mesh

This 5 inch Chimney Pot Hanging Cowl with integral rain cap and bird guard not only allows the chimney liner to be installed without removing the pot, but it also prevents the ingress of birds and rain. A pot hanging cowl is used at the top of the chimney pot to take the weight of the liner, simply push the liner between the three straps and tighten the supplied jubilee band. The pot hanger also has a further three straps which hang down the outside of the chimney pot. The jubilee band supplied is fixed around these to secure against the pot.


  • Size 5 inch
  • Suitable for wood burning or multi-fuel stoves
  • Made form quality 316 grade steel
  • Strap fixings for easy installation
  • 25mm mesh (works as effective bird guard)

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